Kanpur, July 07 (Hindustan Times). The impact of climate change is not only on humans and .mals, it has also had a profound effect on crops. Especially its effect on wheat has become a matter of concern. It has been told in a research paper that jowar can be an alternative to wheat.

This information was given by Meteorologist Dr. SN Sunil Pandey of Chandrashekhar Azad University of Agricultural Technological Sciences, Kanpur on Friday.

Jowar can be an alternative to wheat

A new research paper suggested that conventionally grown sorghum could be a better alternative to wheat because of its resilience to climate change, Pandey said.

The analysis, published in Nature’s Scientific Reports, examined the sensitivity of wheat and sorghum yields to increased temperature and water requirements under different scenarios, he explained.

Mr. Pandey said that the heat wave that hit the country in March last year and the Russia-Ukraine conflict have raised concerns about the country’s dependence on food grains, especially wheat. The heat waves in March also affected the crops to a great extent.

Due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, there has been an increase in the international wheat supply and prices. In such a situation, we need to understand whether any alternative will be needed to meet the requirements of wheat in the coming times. But the question is whether there can be a substitute for wheat.

India is the 10th largest exporter of wheat

Pandey told that in 2021, India will become the 10th largest exporter of wheat, in the same year wheat was the 34th most exported product in India. Wheat exports from India are to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

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