Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], July 9: Parama Roy Bardhan’s journey from a suburb of Kolkata to the international stages of Atlanta in the US exemplifies passion, perseverance, and dedication. Despite earning a B.Tech in Software Engineering and settling in the US after marriage, Parama’s love for Indian classical dance never waned. Her remarkable transformation from a software engineer to a nationally recognized Bharatanatyam dancer has added a prestigious feather to her cap.

Born and raised in Khardah near Kolkata, Parama began her classical dance training at the tender age of four. Over the next 17 years, she honed her skills and performed on numerous stages. However, like many, she pursued her mainstream education, completed her engineering degree, and started her career as a Software Engineer.

After moving to Atlanta post-marriage,  reignited her dance career. For the past five years, she has been a full-time Indian classical dancer. Initially performing within the Indian community, she soon expanded her reach to multicultural stages across the US.

“I questioned why our art forms were not showcased on American stages beyond the Indian community. I took up the challenge,” she recalls.

This determination led her to perform at notable events like the Johns Creek International Festival and the Cobb International Festival, where her rendition of “Thillana” captivated diverse audiences. Her performances were featured in local publications like Appen Media and the Marietta Daily Journal.

“My performances were highly appreciated by audiences from various communities. They were amazed by how an Indian classical dancer could perform solo on such large stages,” she said.

 journey was not without obstacles. Early in her career, she faced disappointment despite being appreciated by judges and audiences at a zonal competition for professionals. She attributes this setback to perceived political influences within the org.zing committee. This experience only fuelled her determination to seek bigger platforms. She began applying to national and international competitions and festivals org.zed by the Indian Cultural Council, the Australian Council, and the US Art Council. This strategic move proved successful, earning her prestigious awards and increased recognition.

Her remarkable achievements abroad include captivating audiences on Indian and American stages alike and imparting her knowledge to students by demonstrating Indian classical dance in schools. Parama has ventured into choreography, curating performances that have garnered high praise within the Indian community. Her excellence was further recognized when she received the Best Traditional Dancer in the Professional category award from the Australian Cultural Heritage.

A member of the UNESCO International Dance Council (CID), Parama is set to perform in Greece this month and will showcase Chitrangada, a dance-drama by Rabindranath Tagore, during the upcoming Durga Puja festival in Atlanta.

Looking ahead, Parama’s plans are deeply rooted in her passion for Indian classical dance. She aims to establish her own dance school to inspire and instruct the next generation of Bharatanatyam dancers. She envisions taking her performances to international stages and embarking on tours that will showcase this timeless art form globally. Her vision revolves around the promotion and preservation of Indian classical dance, ensuring its appreciation and legacy endure across borders.

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Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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