New Delhi: Many such schemes are now being run in India, which are proving to be a boon for the people. If you do not have any work and are thinking of earning money in future, then this news is proving to be of great use, by joining which you can become rich. You must be thinking that what is the name of these schemes in which such strong returns are being received.

This scheme is such that you will start getting a huge amount as pension comfortably every month. Anyway, this scheme is being run like a post office, for which some important things have to be taken care of. The name of this scheme is Miss which is working to win the hearts of the people, which is proving to be a boon for everyone. You have to invest in it first, after maturity of which you are sure to be given money every month.

Know the important things related to the scheme

First you have to invest in post office miss scheme. In this you can invest at least one thousand rupees. There is no limit on the maximum investment. You can invest up to Rs 9 lakh for a single account and up to Rs 15 lakh in a joint account. Single account can be converted into joint account. can convert.

The maturity of the scheme is 5 years. For some reason, the account can also be closed before maturity, in which there will be no problem. You can get the work done to close this account after 1 year. In this you will have to do some kind of penalty work. If you close your account before 3 years then you will be charged a penalty of 2%.

Monthly will get so much rupees

In the Fadu scheme of the post office, you will get a hefty amount in your account every month. In this, if you invest Rs 1 lakh for 5 years, then according to the interest rate of 7.4%, you will need to invest Rs 617 per month. If a person invests Rs 5 lakh, then the monthly income will be Rs 3083. If a person deposits 15 lakh rupees for 5 years, then the work of giving 9250 rupees monthly will be done.

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