For lakhs of people working in the IT sector, the last 8-6 months are no less than a nightmare. Almost all the companies in the IT sector have fired lakhs of people during this period and this process is still going on. The year 2023 is becoming the worst year for the employees working in the IT sector. The worst condition in this is of the employees working on contract. According to a data, the maximum number of jobs are going to the employees working on contract in the IT sector.

Many companies including Microsoft, Meta, Amazon have fired many employees from senior level to junior level. Meanwhile, another shocking data has come to the fore. According to the retrenchment monitoring website, thousands of employees working on contract in the IT sector have to lose their jobs.

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Thousands of jobs lost till March

By March 2023, thousands of people working on contract in the IT sector have lost their jobs. According to the data, about 60 thousand contract workers have lost their jobs during this retrenchment. In the coming time, the possibility of more people leaving the job is being expressed.

So many jobs done so far

According to Laoff dot fyi, a website that manages layoff data, so far 696 tech companies have fired their employees. According to the data, about two lakh people have lost their jobs till May 18. According to experts, this figure is going to increase further in the coming days.

Meta will lay off 6000 more people

By November last year, Meta had fired around 11,000 employees. Then in March 2023 also the company fired 10,000 people. Tell me, out of 10 thousand people, the company has already removed 4000 people. Now the company has announced to evacuate 6000 people again. These 6 thousand people are the only remaining employees out of 10 thousand. All the companies in the IT sector are planning to reduce their total workforce due to the recession.