Good news is coming for Indian professionals to get jobs in America. Now it will be easier for Indians to get American Green Card. Thousands of people who have been working in the US for a long time and waiting to get the green card required for permanent residency are likely to get it soon.

A green card is required for permanent residence in the US.

A step has been taken by the Biden government of America to increase the quota of green cards. This recommendation has been accepted by the Advisory Commission of the US President. In particular, it has been suggested to issue all unused green cards after 1992 in the family and employment categories. A green card is required for permanent residence in the US. Which is given to immigrants from abroad living and working in America.

Increase in annual green card quota in a phased manner

2,30,000 green cards unused Indian-American Ajay Bhutoria said in his recommendation to the US Advisory Commission that more than 2,30,000 US green cards could not be used from 1992 to 2022. So it should be brought into circulation and issued to the people. These unused green cards should be given to people by increasing the annual quota in a phased manner. According to US law, 140,000 employment-based green cards are currently issued every year. Issuance of unused green cards will enable them to be put to good use.

Rahul Dev

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