After the success of Chandrayaan 3, ISRO is being praised all over the world, foreign agencies are now joining hands with ISRO. In this sequence, ISRO’s new mission is Bikini.

Indian Space Research Org.zation (ISRO) is preparing to launch the Bikini spacecraft next year. The weight of this spacecraft is 40 kg. This spacecraft is a smaller version of the larger reusable re-entry module Nix.

This re-entry vehicle of European startup The Exploration Company will be sent to space for a special purpose. It will be taken to a height of 120 to 140 kilometers and released.

European space startup The Exploration Company is working on new possibilities in space. A European startup wants to manage deliveries in space. This mission will be launched in January next year.

If this mission of ISRO is successful then it will pave the way for commercial flight in space, in simple words it will become easier to deliver goods in space. The success of the mission will pave the way for affordable delivery in space.

The information and data obtained by this mission will help in developing re-entry and recovery technologies.

The European spacecraft Bikini will be launched from ISRO’s PSLV rocket. ISRO’s rocket will take the European spacecraft 500 km above the Earth and drop it there. After this it will return to earth.

Scientists will do a lot of research during their return to Earth. It will cross the atmosphere and fall into the sea. With this mission, scientists will be able to understand how many challenges there are in taking anything into space.

This mission will once again impress ISRO in the world. Earlier the responsibility of this mission was to be given to the European company Ariane Space but the Indian company NewSpace managed to achieve it.
Ariane Space’s rocket, which was supposed to launch the Bikini spacecraft, is delayed. Therefore ISRO has got the responsibility of launching it.



For this mission, ISRO will use the fourth stage of PSLV rocket i.e. PS4. The PS4 conducts several experiments while orbiting the Earth. The bikini spaceship will be placed on top of the PS4. In this way the chances of the mission being successful will increase.

The Bikini spacecraft does not have its own propulsion system and will therefore be launched into space using the PS4. The PS4 will separate from the spacecraft after reaching a certain altitude. Thus the spacecraft will spend some time in space and then pass through the atmosphere and fall into the Earth’s ocean.

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