People come up with ridiculous excuses for taking leave from office, sometimes of ill health and sometimes of falling down in the bathroom. People often take leave from office by lying or finding excuses for not working. But today the story of 90-year-old Melba Mabe, a resident of Texas, is inspiring and people are praising her work. This elderly lady has not taken a single day off in 74 years of service. He has now retired at the age of 90 after working in a store for 74 years. Everyone had tears in their eyes on the day of his retirement.

Not a single holiday in 74 years of service

90-year-old Melba Mebane of Texas worked in a department store. He worked in the same shop for 74 years. After working for so many years, he has now retired. His work is not less than any record. In his 74 years of service, he never took a single day off from the store. He never took leave in the name of illness nor did he take leave on the pretext of leave. Worked non stop for so many years.

Retirement at 90

Reportedly, Melba Mebane began working as an “elevator girl” in 1949 at the Meyer & Schmidt department store in Tyler, Texas. Dillard’s bought the store in 1956. She then became an employee of Dillard’s. Her career started as a financial advisor but being a single mother, she left her job and joined a departmental store. She used to do all kinds of work in the store. From to working as a saleswoman, she contributed to everything. Melba has extensive experience selling everything from clothing to cosmetics. He has spent his entire life as a sales person. He has now retired from the store at the age of 90. Now he wants to stay at home and live life on his own terms, cook and eat well.

Manager gave mother status

Dillard’s store manager James Saenz reportedly couldn’t stop admiring Melba’s work. He said that he has known Meba for 65 years. Mabane does everything for his team. According to the manager, she is not just a sales person but a mother. Who have raised the store like their own child. She guides her team. He has won the award for the longest serving staff for his record of not taking a single day off from the store. The store honored them with certificates. The store employees are emotional about Melba’s retirement. The Dillard family, who owns the store, called him the heart of the store and said he would always be a part of their family.

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