Mahindra Scorpio for Defence: Big tax like Tata and Mahindra are now making taxes for India’s defense as well. Where Tata has designed its Safari for the Defense Forces. Mahindra has recently delivered the first model of Armado ALSV. Its entire parts have been made in India only. Now news is coming that Mahindra’s most popular car Scorpio Classic (Mahindra Scorpio) has been designed for Indian service. Mahindra has received orders for 1470 units from the Army and Mahindra will deliver all these 1470 cars in the next few days. It will be slightly different from the Mahindra Classic we get. Today we will talk about its change.

The Indian service has had the Mahindra Scorpio Classic for a long time. But now the model which is about to be delivered is going to be its top variant S11. Some changes have been made in this as compared to the common model. Its color has been kept dark green like army uniform. Recently some models of this segment have been spotted in Pune. But the special thing about these Karos was that Mahindra did not invest its new people in them. It is coming with the oldies from Mahindra only.

Public Variant of Mahindra Scorpio Classic

The model of Mahindra Scorpio which has been introduced for the common people has been given a 2184 cc M Hawk diesel engine. This engine generates power of 130 bhp at 3750 rpm and torque of 300 newton meters at 2800 rpm. It also has the option of automatic transmission with a 6-speed manual. At the same time, the suspension of Scorpio designed for the army has been changed.

In this you get a 2.5 liter diesel engine. Talking about the dimensions of the SUV, it is 1820 mm wide, 1995 mm high and 4456 mm long. Its wheel base is 2680 mm. Its price in India starts from Rs.13 lakhs and goes up to Rs.16 lakhs. Although the G Scorpio has been designed for the army, the company has not disclosed about its cost. But its estimated price can be 30 to 35 lakh rupees.

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