Crime News: An Indian student has been buried alive in Australia. The nursing student was first abducted by her ex-boyfriend in March 2021 for revenge and then buried alive in the ground. The accused did this by getting angry that the girl had ended the relationship. The name of the victim is Jasmine Kaur. She lived in the city of Adelaide. Accused Tariqjot Singh has confessed his crime in the court on Wednesday. The court has sentenced him to life imprisonment.

On 5 March 2021, accused Singh kidnapped Jasmine from her office. He had brought his friend’s car. He tied Jasmine’s hands and legs with cables and put her in the trunk and traveled 650 km.

According to reports, Singh stabbed Jasmine in the neck. But it was not deep enough to kill Jasmine. He then buried her alive in a grave in the remote Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

This shocking detail of the incident came to the fore during the sentencing in the Supreme Court. Prosecutor Carmen Mateo said Jasmine suffered a p.c attack at this time. Matteo was quoted as saying by PTI, “When she was alive she had to face the fear of death. This death can be described as suffocation and swallowing mud. Matteo said he was aware of his surroundings when he died on March 6. He also told that the murder was done with a sense of revenge.

According to ABC News report, the prosecutor informed the Supreme Court that Jasmine had complained at the police station that Tariqjot Singh was constantly stalking her. He was murdered a month later.

Jasmine’s mother was also present at the time of sentencing in the court. 9News reported that he replied that even after my daughter refused Tarikjot a thousand times, he was not leaving her side.

Tarikjot wrote several messages for Kaur, which she never sent. But the conspiracy to kill him is coming to the fore. In one of the messages, he wrote, “It is your misfortune that I am alive. You just wait… I will answer everything.

After the breakup, Tariqjot could not recover from it. For this reason, he conspired to kill Jasmine. When the investigation into Jasmine’s murder began, Tarikjot denied the allegations. They claimed that he committed suicide and then buried the body. But during the hearing in the court, he accepted his crime. The police also took the officers to the spot where Jasmine was buried. The police found Jasmine’s shoes, spectacles and Icard there. Cable wires were also lying there.

On the afternoon of the abduction, Tarikjot bought gloves, a cable and a shovel from a hardware store. This time he was caught in CCTV. Meanwhile, Tariqjot Singh has been sentenced to life imprisonment. His lawyers have requested a lesser sentence.

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