Indian Railways New Rules: If you also travel by train, then there is important news for you. Actually, the Ministry of Railways has taken a big decision on unreserved tickets. With this, lakhs of passengers traveling by booking unreserved tickets will be facilitated.

In fact, under this, the ministry has increased the distance fixed for booking tickets through the app. According to the Ministry of Railways, the department has taken a big decision to stop the misuse of limited distance tickets.

Railway made a big announcement

That is, now you will be able to book tickets through the app from a greater distance than before from the journey starting station. Not only this, the ministry has issued orders related to this to the software maker Chris. It is worth noting that there are two types of tickets booked for traveling by rail, reserved and unreserved. Reserved tickets can be booked online or through the app for any destination from anywhere, but unreserved tickets can be booked only up to a limited distance from the journey commencing station.

Changes for which trains

Let us tell you that the Railways has changed the rules for booking unreserved tickets from Suburban and Mail-Express. But in trains like EMU, the same rules will be applicable as before.

Know what has changed

Now let us tell you what changes have been made by the Railways. In fact, till now tickets for suburban trains could be booked from the app only at a distance of 2 km from the start of the journey. For example, if a passenger has to catch a train from Delhi station, he could book an unreserved ticket from the app by reaching a radius of 2 km from the station.

But now after the new decision of the Ministry of Railways, now tickets can be booked up to a radius of 5 km. On the other hand, in Mail Express, 5 km before the start of the journey. Tickets could be booked within the radius of 20 km, but now the radius for these trains has been increased to 20 km. have been done.

Why was the rule changed?

Let us tell you that many times the network suddenly disappears when the passenger reaches near the station (within a radius of 2 km) in the mobile, due to which he could not book the ticket and missed his train. In view of this situation, the department has increased the distance due to which passengers can book tickets from a longer distance.

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