Leh: After deploying a large number of tanks and armored vehicles in the world’s highest river valleys, Indian Army formations conducted exercises in eastern Ladakh to cross the Indus River and attack enemy positions. Team . witnessed a special exercise carried out by tank formations of the Indian Army including T-90 and T-72 tanks and BMP infantry combat vehicles to cross the mighty Indus River, which is being blocked by the Chinese Army through the entire Ladakh sector. Flows through controlled Tibetan territory. before entering Pakistan. Army officials said such exercises are conducted to prepare for contingency situations where they have to act against adversaries trying to capture Indian territories using the routes in the valleys in the region.

The Indian Army is one of the few forces in the world to operate at altitudes up to 16,000 feet and with a large number of tanks. When the Chinese Army started showing aggression in the eastern Ladakh sector by withdrawing its training exercise troops, the Indian Army brought in a large number of tanks and armored fighting vehicles in the eastern Ladakh sector, which has large open valleys that are very conducive to tank warfare. Are. ,

Earlier, the Indian Army used to conduct such exercises on a large scale in the Punjab sector on the Pakistan front as it was believed that tank battles would take place only in plains and desert areas but later the mindset changed. Brigades with tanks and other formations started being inducted into the force in eastern Ladakh in 2013-14, but the numbers increased m.fold after the Galwan Valley conflict incident in 2020.

After that incident, the Indian Air Force’s C-17 and Ilyushin-76 transport aircraft brought tanks and BMPs from deserts and plains in large numbers. The army has strengthened the armored force in the area to such an extent that they can deal with any misadventure of the opponent.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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