Map of India: WhatsApp has stoked a fresh controversy by using an incorrect map of India during New Year celebrations. That is why the central government has warned WhatsApp. Taking cognizance of this matter, Union IT Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar has given an ultimatum to WhatsApp. Union IT Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar on Saturday (December 31) asked WhatsApp to correct the wrong map of India in the live-streaming link of New Year celebrations.

The minister clearly said that all social media platforms doing business in India should use proper maps. After some time, the reply of WhatsApp also came and he apologized and informed to remove it from the platform.



WhatsApp apologized

In response, WhatsApp wrote, ‘Thank you for drawing our attention to this mistake. We have removed this streaming and apologize for the error. We will take care of this in future. Let us tell you that WhatsApp had shown the wrong map of India in the live stream tweet. A graphics map shared by WhatsApp shows parts of PoK and China’s claim to be separate from India.

Zoom was also given an ultimatum

It is noteworthy that Rajeev Chandrasekhar had given an ultimatum to the video calling platform Zoom a few days ago. They asked Eric Yuan, the founder and CEO of Zoom, to ensure that it at least used accurate maps of the countries where it was doing business or where it wanted to do business in the future. On Chandrasekhar’s warning, the CEO of Zoom immediately deleted the tweet showing the wrong map of the country.

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