India The central government has already started preparations for the G-20 summit to be held in September. Since assuming the presidency of the G20-2023 conference from Indonesia, he is making several strategies to make it prestigious and successful. The Modi government has already met the opposition parties of the center regarding the G-20 conference and has considered many suggestions and suggestions. Apart from this, the government has announced that a total of 200 conferences related to various topics will be organized in 56 cities and towns of the country. There will be 37 meetings on various topics like agriculture, financial sector, education, medicine, innovation etc. These meetings are being organized keeping in view the global situation, cooperation of G-20 partner countries, diplomatic relations.

Union Information Minister Ashwini Vaishnav on Wednesday launched the G20 Global Digital Innovation Alliance program and the Stay Safe Online campaign as part of the G20 preparatory meetings. As a part of the G20 Digital Innovation Alliance, India is leading the way with the aim of identifying new innovators and supporting them to find solutions digitally in the global economy. In this regard, the Ministry of Electronics and IT has also issued a related theme. Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav revealed that the Prime Minister focused on the needs of the world in line with the theme of “Vasudhaiva Parivar – One Land, One Family, One Future”. He said that the digital sector will be further developed in the country. Ashwini Vaishnav mentioned that 5G services will be expanded to more areas next year.

‘Both programs based on cyber security and potential of startups’

He said during the program, the programs launched today are pathbreaking and are based on two important points – cyber security and the potential of startups. India believes in inclusive development, ‘antyodaya’, which means welfare of the people at the bottom of the pyramid, he said. There is a humanitarian approach in the two campaigns launched today. He said, it is a great pleasure for India to present its world class telecom stack to the world during the G20 Presidency.

He said, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India’s G20 presidency should be action oriented. It should be able to make some contribution to the global society. Its purpose should also be to provide world alternative solutions that can be used by people. In such a situation, what can be that alternative solution. India embarked on a digital transformation strategy that was very different from other geographies in the world. We focused on building public digital platforms that are open source that are available to all. Any private enterprise, any startup can take advantage of this public platform and build solutions for the world.

Conference being organized to promote digital innovation

As part of the G20 Digital Innovation, strengthening the economic sector through collaboration with the technology sector, growing innovation and other issues were discussed. The conference is being organized to promote digital innovation in G20 member countries as well as invited member countries. For this, several programs, sessions, workshops and meetings will be organized with expert suggestions. As part of this, each member state will create its own criteria for the selection of inventions, with its own jury representing the top 6 inventions.

Meanwhile, the last date for receiving nominations from member states in this theme has been fixed as May 15, 2023. Each member state (including invited member states) is required to register the top 6 innovation entries. The three-day event to be held in India in August will include an innovation showcase, stakeholder interactions, mentoring sessions under each theme, investment-led panel discussions. Along with this, many companies and businessmen will also be involved. Various projects will be launched to promote environment-friendly technology.

The jury will select the top 3 digital innovations in each category and the final awards will be announced at the summit. In addition, details related to each sector will be unveiled in the form of booklets.

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