India vs Australia, 2023: A strong Australian team will visit India in February 2023 to play a high-profile Test series. A three-match win in the four-match series against Australia is important for India. India wants to play the final of the World Test Championship in June 2023 on the soil of England. To qualify for the final, three out of four Test matches of the Test series will have to be won in any case.

This is Australia’s dangerous bowler

The first Test between India and Australia will be played from 9 to 13 February 2023 in Nagpur. An important news has come before this test match. This dangerous bowler of Australia cannot play the first test match against India. This bowler can be heavy on Team India Mitchell Starc is the backbone of Australia’s fast bowling. His finger is hurt. He may be out of the Australian team for a few months.

The bowler who was heavy on Team India was out

Mitchell Starc’s finger injury will not require surgery. He may not play in the first Test match starting on February 9, 2023. “Next up is the big tour of India. I bowl with this hand. So I have to be very careful. I have to take care of the injury so that it heals quickly.” Stark said.

Bowled 18 overs despite injury

In the second innings against South Africa, Mitchell Starc bowled 18 overs despite being injured. Took the wicket of opener Serrel Irway. “I need the middle finger the most to control the ball. Pain killer pills are taken for pain relief. I have played with a leg injury before. This is Test cricket,” said Mitchell Starc.

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