New Delhi – A shocking case has come to light from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Where a crazy lover blocked the girl’s way on the middle of the road and a crowd gathered on the screams of the girl student seeking her demand, then the accused ran away. is of. He was harassing the girl for a long time, he had also proposed to the girl. But the girl refused his proposal. The marriage of the girl has also been fixed.

A 20-year-old girl student from Barra in Kanpur was going to appear in the college on Saturday. She had reached near the college. Then suddenly a crazy lover forcefully stopped her on the road and started threatening her. The accused told the girl that you will not marry anyone else, I will marry you only. The accused ran away from the spot by filling vermilion in the demand of the girl student. After this, the girl student informed her family members. After the incident, the girl student first gave the paper. After that he went with his maternal uncle and informed the police at Kidwai Nagar police station.

After the examination, the girl student reached the Kidwai Nagar police station and filed a complaint against the accused Yaduveer Singh, while Kanpur Police Commissioner VP Jog Danda told that the girl now refused to file an FIR, but the boy misbehaved on the road. Is. That’s why the police is arresting them in their own way by filing an FIR under section 151.

After this news went viral, now people are reacting in different ways and said what is going on in the society these days. At some places, women are being molested by stopping them on the way to get married, at some places, who is responsible for this? The crimes of this type are increasing continuously and the minds of the accused are getting spoiled. It is the administration that keeps sitting quietly, when will the women and daughters be safe.

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