New Delhi – PPS officer Jyoti Maurya and her husband Alok Maurya are currently in limelight. Now the effect of the case is fully visible in this whole matter. Many such cases have come to the fore in which husbands are forcing their wives to drop out of studies and are refusing to pursue their wives further. What is the truth of Jyoti Maurya Alok Maurya case. Only time will tell, but now the effect of this case has started to be seen in the people in a complete way.

The latest case came to light from Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj where a husband refused to let his wife study after coming across PCS officers Jyoti and Alok Maurya. That when the wife opposed the husband’s decision, the husband beat her up. According to the aggrieved wife, the husband told her that he will keep Jyoti and not Jyoti Maurya.

According to the information received, Diksha of Dalelpur village, a resident of Kannauj district, is in marriage. It happened with Vijay Singh 3 months ago in Narayanpur village of Kannauj. Now Deeksha has made serious allegations against her husband. The victim says that she was preparing for B.Ed. But as soon as Jyoti Maurya’s case came in public, her husband Vijay Singh stopped her from studying.

According to the victim, she opposed this decision of her husband. When she expressed her desire to study further, her husband even thrashed her. Allegations of the victim. During this, her husband, while using indecent language, even said that he will keep you as a shoe and will not let Jyoti become a peacock.

Please tell that the victim reached the Janata Darbar of Aseem Arun, Minister of State, Government of Uttar Pradesh, pleading for justice and expressed her desire to pursue her studies. That after convincing her husband and in-laws, she should be allowed to study.

PCS officer Jyoti Maurya’s husband has made many serious allegations towards Jyoti and Alok alleges that his wife is having an affair with an officer named Dubey. Alok also says that he has done a lot to teach his wife. Alok worked hard but as soon as his wife became an officer, she changed. Alok has also accused his wife Jyoti of conspiring to kill him. On the other hand, PCS officer Jyoti Maurya filed an IT complaint against her husband Aalo. Along with this, Jyoti has also filed a dowry case against her husband. says PCS officer Jyoti. That she is having a divorce case with her husband. At present, this whole matter is in the headlines, whether the result comes, the time will tell. At present, its effect is being seen in the cases of this method.

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