Summer Health Tips: Weakness starts to feel in the body as soon as there is sweating and sweating often keeps coming in summer. In such a situation, fatigue sets in quickly. This happens because along with sweating, sodium and salt are also removed from the body, which reduces blood flow and oxygen levels. There you do not have to face such a situation, because of this we are going to tell you about some such fruits and vegetables, which can be consumed daily in the form of juice or salad to prevent dehydration and maintain energy levels. High.


Bel fruit is a bit difficult to eat. Due to its taste, its pulp is very difficult to eat. But if its juice is made and drunk, it is very tasty and also gives instant coolness. You can also eat bell candy. You can easily find bell candy at most Ayurvedic stores.


Eat watermelon daily or make its juice and drink it with your family. If children and elders have difficulty in eating watermelon, then make its juice and give it to them. Because it provides nutrition as well as coolness to the body.


You drink watermelon juice or eat watermelon every day. But you must use black salt in both of these. Watermelon gets cooked easily by this. But eat watermelon or drink its juice, keep in mind the quantity.


You can eat it by chopping, grating or making juice. But in summer, cucumber should be eaten every day. Keep in mind that cucumber should not be eaten in the salad eaten at night and its juice should also be drunk before sunset.


It should always be eaten in the form of salad. However, cucumber curry is also eaten in some parts of Rajasthan. But if you eat it as a salad with black salt, it will prevent dehydration.


Onion not only protects the body from dehydration but also prevents summer infections. For example, skin problems. Eat onions in pulses and vegetables and also in the form of salads.


In salads or as lemonade. You use lemon juice daily. It also boosts immunity by providing Vitamin-C and keeps the problem of dehydration at bay.