Gold has its own special importance in Indian culture. It is considered very auspicious and holy. The of marriage in India is ‘gold’, the bride and groom are adorned with gold ornaments, while relatives also give gifts of gold. If the girl gets married then the girl gets gold from both the families. You should understand that gold has its own special importance in auspicious works. But gold also has a special feature. But you would hardly have guessed it. It is also said about gold that it can save a person’s luck.

Not astrology but according to science we will understand who should not wear gold

According to astrology, gold should be worn only after understanding the need and its effects. It is said about gold that if it suits you, it will make you rich and if it doesn’t, it will hit you in the street. Gold can also make you a respectable person. But today we will understand not according to astrology but according to science that if gold does not suit you then these symptoms will appear on your body, which people should not wear gold.

Gold is a special type of metal, which has a yellow color in the mass but can be black, ruby ​​or purple when finely divided. It is the most ductile and soft metal. 1 ounce (28 grams) of gold can be struck over 300 square feet.

It is a soft metal and metals like copper are usually added to it to give it more strength. It is a good source of heat and electricity. And when it spreads through the air it can be quite contagious.

These people should not wear gold, it can have serious effect on health

respiratory problems
If you are suffering from respiratory problems then you should not wear gold at all.

burning sensation in the throat and stomach
If you have frequent burning sensation in your stomach and throat, then such a person should not keep gold even by mistake, because if gold touches your skin, the burning sensation can increase.

skin allergy
If a person has any skin related problem, then he should apply gold very carefully, otherwise your skin irritation and allergy can increase a lot.

eye irritation
The person who always has jealousy in his eyes should also wear gold very carefully.

rheumatoid arthritis
A specific type of cryotherapy is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Gold is used in this treatment.

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