Mehndi is used by many people in hair and to make it effective, people mix many things in Mehndi. If you want to enhance the beauty of hair and make them silky, shiny and strong, then add almond oil to henna. So know how hair gets many benefits by mixing this oil.

Mix almond oil in mehndi like this

To apply henna to hair, first take hot water in a bowl and then mix henna powder in it and stir. Now prepare a thick paste, mix a few drops of almond oil in this henna and mix well again, now apply henna on the hair. Keep this henna on your hair for 1 hour. After this wash the hair with plain water. Hair will have many benefits, so know what are the benefits of adding oil to henna.

get relief from dandruff

Mixing almond oil in henna and applying it removes dandruff quickly. Dryness of the scalp causes dandruff. This often causes itching and hair loss. In such a situation, if you add almond oil to henna, it helps in retaining the moisture of the scalp. It reduces dandruff.

scalp will be clean

Almond oil is beneficial in the scalp. The vitamins present in almond oil act as a good cleansing agent for the hair. Due to this, applying almond oil mixed with henna does not cause dirt on the head. It keeps the scalp clean and also strengthens the hair.


enhances hair growth

Applying almond oil mixed with henna improves hair growth. It stops hair fall and enhances hair growth. Not only this, the hair also becomes thick and voluminous.

hair will be healthy

Mixing almond oil in henna makes hair healthy. By applying oil to henna, the nutritional value of henna increases. Oil has vitamin A, B, E properties. It helps in improving blood circulation in the scalp. It makes hair healthy.

silky and shiny hair

Although applying henna to the hair automatically increases the shine of the hair, but if you mix almond oil in the henna and apply it, it increases the shine of the hair. Along with this, the shine also remains for a long time.


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