Side effects of holding urine: Sometimes people hold urine for a long time due to busy work or lack of facilities during travel. We or you must have done this at one time or the other. But do you know that doing so can make you ill. This can cause everything from a leaky bladder to a whole host of health problems. Let us know about some serious damage caused by urinary obstruction.

UTI – UTI is a common problem among women as well as men, which occurs due to various reasons. One of these reasons is urinary retention. Bacteria grow due to not urinating on time, which can also reach inside the bladder. This infection can cause many serious diseases when it progresses. In such a situation, it is very important to urinate on time. If you also have frequent UTI problems, then urinate on time and consume plenty of fluids and water.

urine leakage The problem of urine leakage is common in older people when they cannot control their urine. But if you hold urine continuously, then the pelvic floor becomes weak and you may have this problem of leakage even at a young age. Persistent urinary retention weakens the bladder, which leads to urine leakage.

Kidney stone- Urine contains minerals called uric acid and calcium oxalate. In such a situation, if you stop urination for a long time, then it can cause kidney stone problems.

bladder strain Repeatedly holding urine for long periods of time stretches and weakens the bladder muscles, which over time can lead to more serious problems like rupture of the bladder.

kidney disease Urinary retention puts a strain on the kidneys, which can lead to serious kidney problems in the future. Apart from this, the habit of stopping urine for a long time causes pain in the kidney and bladder. After urinating, the muscles of the bladder begin to stiffen, causing pelvic cramps.

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