If dimples are falling on your waist, then this is the reason behind it

You must have often heard that some people have dimples on their cheeks. And it must have also been heard that such people are lucky. But you might never have heard about the two dimples lying on the back side of the waist. Today we are going to tell you about it. You would not know but there are many people who have dimples on their waist. Such people are very special. If such dimples are falling on your waist, then there is good news for you.

This dimple on the waist is also known as Venus dimple. Because these dimples have been linked to Venus, the goddess of Rome’s beauty. This dimple falling on the waist is also considered a sign of good health and good sex life. And being in the pelvis area, it is also called the Apollo hole. In astrology, Venus i.e. Venus has been considered as the causative planet of beauty and lust. Such a woman is considered lucky. And such a woman is also very beautiful.

Please tell that it is a joint between two bones. If you think that you can get Venus Dimple by exercising or by being thin. So it is not possible to do this. You cannot get Venus Dimple even by getting surgery done. Because of this it is called natural gift. These dimples show that you are very romantic. Women who have these dimples can enjoy their sex life to the fullest. If scientists want to know the reason, then tell that due to some reason muscles are not able to develop on some part of the body. In such a situation, when there is a stretch in the skin, it appears as a pit, it is called a dimple.

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