In an exclusive interview with The Free Press Journal, actress Sanvikaa talks about her opportunity to be a lead actress in a franchise like Panchayat. She also opens up about her success and progress in her career. Excerpts:

Q. Do you believe that OTT allowed you to be a sort of female lead in a franchise like Panchayat?

A. Honestly, when I started off, I had no idea about anything. We shot Panchayat before the lockdown, and during the pandemic, the show picked up, and the destiny of OTT changed. Being a lighthearted show, it became a household name. But it feels great to be mentioned as a heroine of such a big show.

Q. Go on…

A. OTT has been a boon for so many people in the industry. Even the smallest characters here get noticed, which wasn’t the case with films. The good actors couldn’t get roles, or their roles might not be visible.

Q. Do you aspire to be on the big screen then?

A. Of course, the more I would get success and progress in my career, I will always aim higher. I really want to do a big theatrical release someday, but how it will happen, I have no clue. I am m.festing it.

Q. Was it challenging for you to play a timid girl from a village?

A. It wasn’t actually. My character wasn’t that great on paper, but they had to build it — where she comes from, what her thought process is. I discussed it with the writers and director, and they gave me more insights. I tried to incorporate some real-life references from my end since I have seen such characters around me. I took a lot of inspiration from my eldest sister. Rinki is very much like her.

Q. Are you scared of being typecast in roles from a rural backdrop?

A. I was typecast even before Panchayat (laughs). I have to make an excuse about my availability if a casting director calls me for similar roles. After a point, I had to say no to one kind of role and put my foot down. I feel that’s the only way out of this.

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