Aurangabad : Some close people have hatched a conspiracy against me. This statement has been given by Minister Abdul Sattar. Abdul Sattar has said that he has complained about this to the Chief Minister. Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar said that no matter how much anyone opposes, we will continue our work. The opposition had made serious allegations against Sattar. After this Sattar gave this big and important statement.

Sattar said, once there was a meeting with Chief Minister Shinde. There was a brief discussion about the bungalow in the meeting. The discussion immediately came to the fore. Some people bring discussion among us. This should not happen in any party. It works in a democracy. No matter how much anyone opposes, we should do our work.

The half-session revolved around Abdul Sattar. I am a small worker. People talk across the state. It seems that I have become a leader. I consider myself an activist. One has to find some reason or the other to rule in politics. They find reasons in their own mind. Sattar also said that I find the reason in my mind.

Whatever the big man says, he has to obey. He is not only the leader but also the leader of the opposition. I am from minority community. I am not a big leader. I have only contributed to topple the government.

I am being targeted. What will you get by losing a bastard like me. Hug your equals. Abdul Sattar also expressed regret that he is the target every time.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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