New Delhi- A similar case has come to the fore from Kanpur Dehat in Uttar Pradesh or amid the controversy between PM Jyoti Maurya and her husband Alok. Here a person alleged that he got his wife educated by taking a loan. After this, when she got a job, she has changed. Now she is seeking divorce. In this case, the woman says that she has paid the fees for only one year. No houses have been sold.

Let us tell you that the case of Jyoti Maurya and her husband Alok is still not taking the name of stopping. But after that, cases are coming out one after the other. A similar case has come to the fore from the Kanpur countryside of UP. Here a man alleged that he tutored his wife, worked hard and diligently nurtured her in every way when she became. So suddenly it changed. Further, the husband told that I had decided to take her forward after seeing her studies and hard work. After taking a loan, he got a nursing course done, after which he got a job in the medical line. If now she wants to take divorce. so am i wrong Or who will give me the answer that every husband who teaches is wrong.

In fact, Arjun Singh, a resident of Maitha Ravindra Puram village of Shivali Kotwali in the district, was married in 2017 to Savita Maurya, a resident of Basti district. Arjun says that after marriage, seeing his wife’s passion for education, he had decided to pursue it, after that she got her nursing studies done and with great difficulty got her admitted in a big college in Kanpur city. But as soon as she got a job in medical line after studying nursing she completely changed and now she is asking me for divorce.

According to the information received, after the completion of studies, the wife’s job was started in Delhi, but after some time Savita’s family members called her back to Kanpur. After this, Savita got a contract job in the government department. According to the husband, after two-three months of getting the job, the attitude of the wife started changing, she took a separate room and started making distance.

Husband Arjun alleges that his wife tells him that he is black and the wife says nata hai. That even my status does not match with that of husband Arjun, now Savita wants to divorce him. According to the husband, he had taken a loan of about 6 to 7 lakh rupees for the education of his wife. Now he is repaying that loan also by doing wages.

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