New Delhi – The Pakist. woman was so infatuated with love that she crossed the border with her four children to meet her lover and reached Greater Noida in UP. Seema Haider, a Pakist. woman who entered India illegally without a visa, and her boyfriend Sachin Singh of Greater Noida were arrested on Tuesday. At the same time, Seema Haider’s husband Ghulam Haider has appealed to the Government of India. A video of which is going viral on social media.

Please tell that Seema Haider’s husband Ghulam Haider has appealed to the Modi government. Ghulam Haider has released a video of himself from Saudi Arabia. In which he has requested to send his wife and children back to Pakistan. Along with this, Seema Haider’s husband has alleged. That he has been lured to India through the PUBG game. Ghulam Haider further says in the video. I say this with folded hands of the Indian media. Thanks to him, I have come to know about my wife and children. Requested the Modi government to send his wife and children back to Pakistan.

In fact, Seema Haider, the mother of four children, fell deeply in love with Indian youth Sachin while playing PUBG. Seema, a resident of Karachi, Pakistan, reached Greater Noida, 1100 km away, to meet her lover Sachin. Seema reached India on May 13 and went straight to her lover Sachin of Raghupur police station area of ​​Greater Noida. Sachin rented a room in Ambedkar village of Rabupura area and Seema Haider started living there with her child.

According to information, Sachin, a resident of Rabupura town, used to work at a rented shop. He was fond of playing PUBG. During this game, he came in contact with Seema Haider, a resident of Pakistan, and a chat started between the two. Both of them started loving each other as soon as they saw it. After falling in love with Sachin, she made up her mind to come to India. She came to know that India could easily enter India through Nepal. Seema left Karachi in the month of March and reached Kathmandu in Nepal and reached Delhi by taking Pokhara service bus in Nepal. On May 13, Seema reached Rabupura area of ​​Gautam Budh Nagar where Sachin lived. And started living with him.

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