Man ate his wife’s brain There was an incident in Mexico where the husband killed his wife and then ate her brain. Alvaro of Pueblo was arrested in connection with the incident. Surprisingly, he put his wife’s flesh in a dish called tacos and ate it.

It is learned that Alvaro, who worked as a builder, took drugs and brutally murdered his wife. This incident is of 29 June. The accused said that strange demons had ordered him to do such an act.

Maria Montserrat (38 years old) was separated from her first husband. He has five daughters aged 12 to 23. She was married to Alvaro a year ago. Addicted to drugs, he claimed to have eaten part of his wife’s brain in tacos.


At the same time, Maria cut the dead body into pieces with a hammer and chisel and stuffed it in a bag. Ash tray was made from the head. The accused confessed to the police that he had thrown the remaining parts into the ditch. Two days after the murder, Cruy called one of his stepdaughters and told her about the crime he had committed.


Also, Maria’s family alleged that Alvaro was physically and mentally torturing his wife’s first children. During investigation, traces of witchcraft were found in the house of the accused and the police got information that he used to worship demons.

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