The universe holds many mysteries in itself. The sound of humming was coming for a long time. To investigate this, scientists from many countries including India united and a team was formed. After hard work, he comes to know the truth of this mysterious voice.

According to scientists, this humming sound was coming from gravitational waves. This was being heard for a long time. It was also discussed by Albert Einstein, but there were not so many hi-tech equipment in those days, so much information was not available. Now a team of scientists has solved the whole matter with the help of 6 powerful radio telescopes in the world.


According to researchers at the Indian Institute of Hyderabad (IITH), a team from India, Japan and Europe used India’s largest telescope UGMRT to listen for vibrations from deep space. Which indicates that these gravitational waves were generated by the merger of supermassive black holes in our early universe.

Astronomers call these vibrations nano-hertz gravitational waves because their wavelength can be several trillion kilometers. On this IITH Professor Shantanu Desai said that I am glad that students of both Physics and Electrical Engineering of IITH can be a part of this historic discovery. Full details about the research are published this month in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

According to a research paper, Einstein first talked about these gravitational waves in 1916. Now these waves were being heard in a low tone. Investigation revealed that they were born during the merger of black holes. This will give very important information regarding black holes.

This search was started in 2002. At that time these included NCRA (Pune), IIT (Roorkee), IISER (Bhopal), TIFR (Mumbai), IIT (Hyderabad), IMSC (Chennai) and RRI (Bengaluru). In 2016, researchers from the Indian Pulsar Timing Array (InPTA) and Japan also joined.

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