Uttar Pradesh’s PCS officer Jyoti Maurya has dominated the social media. Various memes are going viral regarding this. Recently news came that after this incident many husbands got rid of their wives, now an affidavit is going viral.

I do not know who has made this affidavit, but it is being discussed a lot on social media. It states that I promise Leeladevi, daughter of Parshuram, in front of myself and many officials, that my husband is sending us to Delhi to study. If I get a job, I will not cheat on my husband and will always be with him.

Even more interesting things have been written before this. The woman has written in the affidavit that if she leaves her husband after getting a job, she will give him one crore rupees as compensation.

Although no one knows whether this affidavit is new or old, but people are linking it to the Jyoti Maurya case. At the same time, people are claiming that after this case, the husbands who teach their wives have become alert. He does not want his wife to divorce after the job.

Jyoti Maurya married Alok Maurya in 2010. Alok claims that he got his wife’s coaching after marriage. Because of which she became a PCS officer. A few years back Home Guard Commandant M.sh Dubey came into his life.

Alok claims that Jyoti and M.sh had an affair. Both were caught from a hotel in Lucknow. After this he leaked the chat of both. Jyoti Maurya was also accused of being corrupt. However, Jyoti has termed these allegations as baseless.

According to him, the matter is going on in the family court. Alok is a class IV employee, while at the time of marriage he had described himself as a gram panchayat officer. In such a situation, their marriage rested on a false foundation.

Rahul Dev

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