former prime minister of pakistan Imran Khan An audio has been leaked. In this phone call, he is talking very obscene things with a woman. Along with this, he is also calling her to meet him. And the woman is saying that he (Imran) has spoiled her condition. He is in a lot of pain. She cannot come to meet. After this she gets ready to meet Imran the next day. More from Imran audio leak Has happened. Various reactions of people are coming out on his alleged audio.

Read Imran Khan’s full conversation with the lady here:

  • Imran: Yes
  • Woman: you haven’t slept
  • Imran: come back soon
  • Woman: How do I come, I am not feeling well. what have you done to me Can’t take the doctor out and show him. Insolent.
  • Imran: what are you doing, you can’t come
  • Woman: I am having pain.
  • Imran: can come tomorrow
  • Woman: yes you are free tomorrow
  • Imran: I see that my family, my children are coming the day after tomorrow, I try to lie down with them.
  • Woman: ok then you tell me
  • Imran: I’ll let you know in the morning.

There is another audio of Imran, in which he asks the woman, how are you feeling? The woman says that the phone is not working on the landline, what should I do.

Imran Khan has become Emraan Hashmi: Journalist

Ever since this audio got leaked, there has been a storm on the internet. While some are trolling him for the vulgar conversation, many are supporting the cricketer-turned-politician Imran and calling the recording fake. Some people even tagged him and asked him to react on it. Journalist Naila Inayat tweeted that Imran Khan has become Emraan Hashmi in the alleged sex call leak. On this, people said that do not defame Emraan Hashmi, while a user wrote that it is a matter of crossing the border, otherwise Emraan Hashmi should be filed a defamation case.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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