Amidst the ongoing tussle with India, China is trying its best to establish its dominance through Nepal. A day after the formation of the communist government in Nepal, China has sent a team of experts. This team will do research for the preparation of the Nepal-China cross-border railway line. Through this project, China is trying to surround India from the other side by increasing access to Nepal.

This is not the first time that the dragon is spreading its wings in Nepal. For a long time, China has been occupying the country by helping Nepal and serving its interests. Now through the railway project, China is preparing to reach the India-Nepal border.

What is the intention of China, it was revealed in the leaked report from the Government of Nepal. It was also discussed all over the world. Know, how China is occupying Nepal on the pretext of financial help and trying to sit on the head of India.

Chinese strategy to get closer to India, 5 big things

  1. China will reach India’s border through rail project: On August 10 this year, China had announced that the Tibet-Nepal railway project would be started within a year. Under this project, the railway line has started from Lhasa in Tibet, it will reach Lumbini via Kathmandu. Lumbini is the border of India and Nepal. China is preparing to put pressure on India directly by bringing the railway line here.
  2. Completed 9 buildings in Nepalese border: ET’s Report According to, after trying to change the status of LAC, China is encroaching on Nepal. China has completed 9 buildings in the Lapcha Limi area of ​​Humla in Nepal. This was revealed when Humla’s Assistant Chief District Officer Dalbahadur Hamal went on a tour in August 2022. The strategy of encroachment in Nepal’s Lapcha Limi is a well-planned conspiracy of China. This is because this is the area from where the Mansarovar Yatra can be clearly seen. This move of China stamps its expansionist plans.
  3. Dragon diverting the flow of rivers in China: This is not the first case of Chinese encroachment in Nepal. In June 2020, the Government of Nepal had told in its report that China is increasing road construction in Tibet to occupy Nepal’s land. In the coming time, he can prepare his posts on the border. Nepal’s Ministry of Agriculture’s Survey Department had claimed that China has encroached at 10 places, which includes 33 hectares of Nepalese land. Not only this, he is also diverting the flow of rivers to increase his territory.
  4. Chinese incursions in different border areas: The leaked report of the Government of Nepal in 2021 clearly stated that China is trying to infiltrate from two border areas. According to the report, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China is preparing its infrastructure by infiltrating two border areas of Nepal. The surprising thing is that instead of speaking openly, Nepal’s then Communications Minister Gyanendra Bhandari simply said, “We want to handle such matters diplomatically.”
  5. Captured under the guise of ‘salami slicing policy’: With the salami slicing strategy, China is increasing its scope in Nepal. Under this strategy, he runs small military operations against the neighboring countries and keeps on capturing a large part of it. Military operation starts on a small scale and that country does not feel that there is a danger of war. But later after increasing the occupation, it becomes difficult for the neighboring country how to respond. The same thing is happening in Nepal and the government is unable to speak openly.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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