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Bhabhi Hot Dance Videos: Every day some such video goes viral on social media, seeing which you are surprised. Some are stunt videos, some are acting, but if you like to watch dance videos, sisters-in-law record their dance in mobile cameras and share it on YouTube and social media platforms. There are many such videos on YouTube, in which sister-in-law does not take any time to injure people with her style. The video of sister-in-law dancing in hot style is going viral.

Bhabhi’s dance video viral on internet

On the Bollywood song ‘Goria Churana Mera Jiya…’, the sister-in-law danced in such a way that millions of people broke down to see the dance. The original song is from the Bollywood film ‘Coolie Number One’ and features Bollywood actor Govinda and actress Karisma Kapoor. In this song, Karishma Kapoor also won everyone’s heart by dancing in a wonderful way, but in the video uploaded on YouTube for about six months, sister-in-law did such a dance on this song, seeing which your eyes will stop there. The sister-in-law wreaked such havoc by wearing a saree that everyone likes to watch the video again and again.

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created panic on bollywood songs

This video, which went viral on social media, was shared on YouTube by a channel named Pic Share Official, which is still going viral. In this video, a sister-in-law is seen dancing on different songs wearing different colored sarees. His style is different in every song and the song ‘Goria Churana Mera Jiya…’ is also one of them. Many people gave their reaction after watching sister-in-law’s dance on this song. A user wrote after watching the video, ‘Gazab dance kiya, superb performance.’ Another wrote, ‘Are you a model? You danced well.

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