Heavy rains caused waterlogging in Patan. According to the information, there was heavy rain in North Gujarat. It rained heavily in Patan today and the low-lying areas were flooded. Due to filling of water in the canal, the drivers had to face trouble. Students and staff were troubled due to water filling in the underpass near the college.

Apart from this, there was flood in the Anand Sarovar area of ​​the city. The people of the flood-hit society were in trouble.

Heavy rains lashed Patan city and Siddhpur. The low-lying areas of Patan city were flooded. There was knee-deep water in the underpass near the college. Students and staff were upset due to water filling in the under pass. The local people had to face a lot of problems due to the water getting filled in the Anand Sarovar area. Many societies in the area were also waterlogged, making it difficult for people to move out.


Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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