Healthy Digestion: How many flavors are there in food? This question may surprise you… then you will say sweet, salty and sour, add bitter to it… In this we will say that these are only 4 but there are 6 types of taste in food! Come, today we are telling you about these 6 tastes of food. Along with this, they are also telling why they should eat together. How they help improve digestion and clear the stomach easily in the morning. Before that know the golden Ayurvedic rules of digestion…

Ways to make the digestive system healthy

Include all 6 types of flavors in your plate and eat them together in every meal.
Keep a gap of at least 3 hours between every two meals and do not eat frequently or in between.
– Consume herbal tea in between two meals. For example, black tea, basil tea, cumin tea or ajwain tea etc.
Take your heaviest dose in the afternoon. This means that your lunch should be heavier than your breakfast and dinner.

How many flavors are there in food?


How to include all the taste in food?

To add all the taste to the food, you put salt, lemon, pickle, black pepper, papad, jaggery, raw onion, asafoetida etc. in your plate.

How is it useful?

When you add small amounts of all these 6 delicious foods to your plate, your body systems will get a complete boost of energy and juices. The nutrients the body gets from eating these foods together is called a biodiverse energetic palate in the language of Ayurveda.
Before sleeping at night i.e. whenever you sleep, you should eat food 3 hours before that. It improves digestion. If 3 hours is not possible then a gap of 2 hours should be kept. Otherwise, the stomach will start coming out and the problem of constipation will also increase.
If you drink tea in between two meals, it not only gives you taste but also gives you energy. But keep in mind that tea should not be more than one cup.

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