Shoes without socks: Nowadays most people wear shoes without socks. This habit is seen more in the youth. Wearing shoes without socks not only stinks the feet but also harms the health. Due to this, the shoes also get spoiled quickly. Let us know what are the disadvantages of wearing shoes without socks. Why is it forbidden to do so?

Blood Circulation Problems – Wearing shoes without socks not only puts your feet at risk of damage, but it can also affect the blood circulation process in the body. Actually, wearing shoes without socks puts more pressure on the parts of the feet, which can affect blood circulation. No one can say what will be the result.

Allergy problem – People who wear shoes without socks can also have allergy problem in their feet. In fact, some people have very sensitive skin and may even develop allergic reactions due to direct contact with synthetic materials made of leather. Sweaty feet can also be a cause of discomfort for many people.

Risk of fungal infection- According to some health reports, an average man’s feet sweat about 300 ml per day. If the shoes are worn without socks, this perspiration will obviously increase the humidity, which can also lead to various bacterial or fungal infections.


Blisters can occur in the feet – Often you must have heard that shoes cause blisters in the feet or in many places it is also said that shoes cause wounds in the feet. Wearing shoes without socks greatly increases the chances of this problem.

pay special attention to these things

Wear good quality shoes.
Shoes should be neither tight nor loose.
Also buy good quality socks.
Change socks daily.

Rahul Dev

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