Health Care: Food is very important to live a healthy life, that too food which is full of nutrients, which protects us from diseases, but sometimes we use foods in our daily life in such a way that it starts working. It harms the body in many ways like poison for us. They are high in calories and sodium which can make you ill. Let us know about some such foods which are necessary but if we become addicted to eating more then it can cause a lot of harm to our health.

Flour- If you are eating flour in excess, then your cholesterol also increases. It makes you fat. It blocks the arteries and increases the blood pressure. According to a research, when you eat flour, 80 percent of the fiber present in the food gets destroyed. Your body does not get enough fiber. Without fiber, the intestine becomes unable to detoxify the body by it of impurities and you become vulnerable to many diseases.

Frozen Food- Nowadays frozen food is very much in trend but do you also know that it works like a slow poison for you. Indeed, sodium and artificial preservatives are used to keep frozen foods fresh longer. Both these compounds can be harmful to your health. Frozen food has to go through several processes before it gets frozen. Due to this, there is a deficiency of things like vitamins in it. Up to 70% of sodium used in frozen meals can increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

White Bread- As soon as we wake up in the morning, we eat bread with tea, it looks very tasty to eat, but it harms the body more than being tasty. The potassium bromate present in bread is injurious to health. Consuming it continuously can increase the problem of gas, constipation and diabetes in the stomach.


Salt- If the amount of sodium in the body increases, then there is a problem of BP. Apart from this, excessive consumption of salt can cause many problems related to cholesterol, stroke, obesity and liver. In such a situation, salt should be consumed in limited quantity.


Sugar- If we consume it by mixing more sugar in coffee, tea, then it acts like a slow poison in our body, because it contains a lot of calories, which increases the blood sugar level. Carbohydrate is also high in it, due to which obesity increases.

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