Haryana Free Bus Ticket For Interview: There is great news for the candidates going for interview in Haryana. Applicants going for interview in the state will not have to take bus tickets, for this applicants will get free vouchers, which will have to be submitted on the first day.

Youth appearing in the interview for government jobs will not be given tickets in roadways buses. Free travel voucher will be provided to the eligible youth within a day of application to enable them to attend the interview.

Haryana Government has notified the time limits and appellate authorities for 10 services to be provided to the citizens by the Employment Department under the Right to Services Act, 2014.
Giving information in this regard, Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal said that 15 days time limit has been fixed for registration for Saksham Yojana, one month time limit for registration for employment aspirants.

At the same time, a time limit of 15 days has been fixed for registration under one family one employment scheme, a time limit of 15 days for the inclusion of qualification and other related certificates.

Apart from this, 15 days time for registration renewal and two months grace period for renewal, 15 days time limit for transfer of registration from one employment office to another within the state, two months delay in renewal A time limit of 45 days has been set for exemption.

Apart from all these, one special thing is that 01 day time limit for providing free travel vouchers to all eligible applicants for interview, three months time limit for unemployment allowance and 15 days for registration of employers in employment office. deadline has been set.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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