New Year: As another year comes to an end, the whole of 2022 comes before our eyes. Yep, apart from your Spotifywrap 2022 you must be wondering how the year went by. Most likely to get lost, cry, or even binge watch shows to avoid work. So here we have 10 lessons for you that you must take with you into this new year to usher in a new you!

Let us read these lessons learned in 2022:

1. Don’t make the mistake of “saving” on opportunities until you have them. They also have expiry date.

2. If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.

3. There is no “right” time. You have the right whenever you want.

4. You won’t always get the closure you want. Go ahead friend!

5. Stop trying to predict problems or the future. You are taking away pain and pleasure, without changing anything.

6. It’s not a bad thing to outdo everyone you meet. That’s okay, it happens!

7. You don’t need an ending to make a fresh start.

8. Forgive yourself for mistakes you made in the past when you didn’t know better. It is all part of development.

9. Believe in yourself, especially when it’s hard. Borrow something from your friends, family or even your younger self!

10. Choosing nothing is also a choice. When you can’t decide, you end up choosing nothing and that’s okay!

It takes time and effort to reach all the important milestones in life. During the journey, you may feel tired and lonely and question whether it is worthwhile to move on. However, remember why you started and then continue.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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