When Sri Lanka got stuck in economic crisis, India helped the neighboring country a lot.

After that Sri Lankan leaders do not fail to praise India whenever they get a chance. Now the speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka has thanked India. He said that Colombo and Delhi are trusted friends of each other.

During a banquet org.zed for the hospitality of a delegation from India, Chairman Mahida Abeywardene said that if India had not helped Sri Lanka during the financial crisis, there would have been genocide in Sri Lanka. India and Sri Lanka are very close to each other culturally, nationally and politically. Sri Lanka has always benefited from India. India is ready to give us loan for 12 years. No one in history has helped us like this.

He said that when trouble came upon us, it was India that saved peace. India’s Ambassador to Sri Lanka Gopal Baglay is a friend of Sri Lanka. We respect him a lot. The surnames Singh and Singhe are prevalent in both the countries and this shows that we are genetically connected to India as well. India is a part of life and behavior for us. India is a part of our heart.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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