New Delhi- Kerala Police has arrested a 23-year-old youth for stealing jewelery from 3 houses. It is being told that the arrested youth is a resident of Khammam in Telangana. And he wanted to climb Mount Everest. That’s why he started carrying out three incidents of theft. The accused was arrested from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala.

Please tell that a 23-year-old youth wanted to conquer Everest. But to fulfill the dream of climbing Everest, a lot of money was needed from him. In such a situation, he started carrying out theft incidents to collect money. The young man could not walk on Everest but definitely reached the jail. This whole matter is of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala.

According to media reports, the Kerala Police has arrested a 23-year-old man for stealing jewelry from three houses. He has been arrested from the international airport. According to the police, the name of the arrested youth is Umashankar, a resident of Khammam in Telangana. He is said to have committed three theft incidents in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. Uma Prasad stayed in a hotel for 1 month from May to June. He used to roam around the hotel in an auto rickshaw during the day and used to commit theft at night. He used to make such houses his target. In which the locked youth claims that his dream was to climb Mount Everest. For this he needed a lot of money. In such a situation, he started carrying out incidents of theft.

According to the police, Uma Prasad used to visit the targeted houses at night and roam around in the houses by breaking locks or cutting window nets with the help of cutters, then steal and escape. Uma Prasad first stole jewelry worth 30 thousand from a house on 17th June. After this, he had stolen jewelry worth Rs 50,000 from the second house. Not only this, he also stole jewelry worth Rs 50,000 from the third house on June 28.

After registering three complaints of theft, the police started investigating the matter. First of all, the police searched the CCTV footage installed around these houses. After examining the CCTV footage, it was found that he used to reach these houses by auto rickshaw. After this the police have interrogated this auto rickshaw driver.

The auto rickshaw told the police during interrogation that it had dropped a person at the hotel. After this the police reached the hotel and showed the CCTV footage to the staff. The hotel staff told that a person named Uma Prasad had stayed in their hotel for 1 month. But on July 1 itself he vacated the hotel. Then that Prasad had asked the hotel staff to go to the airport.

The police found Uma Prasad’s ID from the hotel that he was from Telangana, so the police gathered information about the flight to Hyderabad on July 1, during which the police came to know that he had flown to Hyderabad a few days later by airlines. The company told the police that Uma Prasad had booked a flight to Thiruvananthapuram on July 5, after which the police arrested him as soon as he reached Thiruvananthapuram Puram.

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