New Delhi: Gold customers are enjoying these days, because a considerable reduction in the price is being registered. If you are planning to buy gold then don’t waste any time as it is trading lower by around Rs 3,400 from the high. For some reason, if you miss the opportunity to buy gold, then you will have to regret, which is very important for you to know.

That’s why it is important that you can save money by buying gold soon. Anyway, according to bullion market experts, if you delay even a little in buying gold, then you may have to face inflation. Currently gold price is running above 58,000, which is a golden opportunity to buy. Along with this, the price of silver is also on the sky.

Quickly know the latest rate of all carat gold here

If you are planning to buy gold in the country’s bullion market, then know all the purity closely. If you do not know the rate according to purity, then you can become a victim of fraud in the market, due to which you will have to face problems. According to IBJA, gold of 995 purity was recorded at Rs 58297 per ten grams in the morning. Apart from this, gold of 916 purity was recorded at Rs 53614 per ten grams.

Along with this, the price of gold of 750 purity (18 carat) was Rs 43898 per tola. Apart from this, the rate of gold of 585 purity was seen trending at Rs 34241 per ten grams. One kg of silver of 999 purity was seen selling at Rs 69634 per kg.

Know the latest rate of gold in a quick and simple way

If you want to buy gold in bullion market, then you can get the latest rate information. Now there will be no need to run around to know the rate of gold. Apart from the central government holidays, the latest price is issued by ibja in the market. You can know the rate of 22 carat and 18 carat gold by SMS to 8955664433. From this number, the information about the rate will be given through the message in a short time.

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