Bhilwara- Nanibai Ro Mairo Mahotsav Seva Samiti member Rampal Sharma told that under the aegis of Nanibai Ro Mairo Mahotsav Seva Samiti, on the second day of the story of Nani Bai Ro Mairo, started at Shiv Mandir Police Line Bhilwara, speaking from Vyas Peeth, national storyteller Sushri Deepa Dadhich Told that when Narsi ji wrote a hundi in the name of God, two Vaishnav people reached Dwarka city and started looking for a munim named Sawal. Even after roaming around the whole city of Dwarka, the accountant named Sawal was not found. Those Vaishnav people got tired and slept there after seeing the shop of the upper generation. After listening to the compassionate call of Narsi Mehta, Bhagwan Sawariya came to the shop of the upper generation in the guise of an accountant named Seth Sawal. Woke up both the Vaishnavas and inquired about their well-being. God returned the money to both of them according to the hundi written by Narsi Mehta. Vaishnav people left from there. When people in Narsi Mehta’s village Talaja came to know about this, they said that Narsi Mehta is a magician. In that Talaja village there lived a prankster named Bhavani, that prankster thought of insulting Narsi Mehta. Bhavani Maskara told the people of the village that today is the Shradh of Narsi Mehta’s father. All of you are invited for family dinner. The people of the village started reaching Narsi Mehta’s house for food as per the invitation. When Narsi Mehta came to know, Narsi Mehta went to Nagar Seth and said that I need some money so that I can perform Shradh of my father and feed the people of the village. Narsi Mehta mortgaged Kedar Raga to Nagar Seth in lieu of money and returned home with the money. When he started making arrangements for food, he came to know that Thakur ji himself was feeding the people of the village in the form of Narsi Mehta. When the people of the village came to know that Narsi Mehta has now brought food items, the people of the village were very surprised. Bhavani Maskara told the king of Rao Mandali that Narsi Mehta is a great magician. The king of Rao Mandali called Narsi Mehta to his place and said that if the garland of Thakur ji’s street does not come around your neck in 24 hours, you will get severe punishment. Here Thakur ji was worried that my devotee is in trouble. Bhagwan Himself disguised himself as Narsi Mehta and went to Nagar Seth’s house at night. By returning the money taken by Narsi ji, God freed Nagar Seth from Kedar Raga and Thakur ji himself disguised as the wife of the king of Rao Mandali returned the water and went to Narsi Mehta and said Narsi ji you drink water, Narsi ji Said that I can’t even spit water till my lover comes. When Narsi Mehta came to know that God himself has come, Narsi Mehta drank water and Thakur ji gave Narsi Mehta Kedar Raga. Thakur ji’s garland came around Narsi ji’s neck when Narsi Mehta sang Kedaron raag. Raja of Rao Mandali releases Narsee Mehta. God assumed the form of Narsi Mehta and provided food to the people of Talaja village. In the end, Prasad was distributed to the devotees after performing aarti to the deity.
On this occasion, District President of Rajasthan Brahmin Mahasabha Gopal Sharma, poet Ramniwas Roniraj, Surendra Singh Rathod, Ganpat Mali, Shankar Lal Suthar, Tej Singh Chauhan, Neeraj Tiwari, Dwarka Prasad Dadhich, Piyush Dadhich, Virendra Singh, Kailash Tiwari, Mathuralal Mali, Surendra Banna, Jagdish Dadhich, Pandit Rameshchandra Dadhich, Chanda Soni, Praveen Sodani, Anil Taylor, Rakesh Kumar, Nandlal Teli, Kishanlal Mali, Mahesh Jhaliwal etc were present.

Rahul Dev

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