The Artificial intelligence race has promised a transformation of the whole human race like no other. And tentacles of this technology has started reaching the shore of many avenues of our lives, from work to home. Many major tech corporations have jumped on the bandwagon, to make the most of this new gold rush of the 21st century.

One of the prime players in the market is Alphabet, aka Google. And Google, although has Gemini AI, it has also added the AI feature to its fundamental and one of the most crucial businesses, the search. The service although, is said to be effective in many avenues in the search for information, still has many foibles.

An X (formerly Twitter) user took to their personal account to share some of the bizarre results that Google threw open. The user posted screenshots of the searches and their subsequent results in a thread on the platform.

One of the queries was regarding smoking during pregnancy. The response, on top of the page said, “Doctors recommend smoking 2-3 cigarettes per day during pregnancy.” This bizarre and potentially detrimental advice was not alone, as the thread and the replies to the said thread had some even abstruse responses.

Another strange response was to a query regarding Pizza and how one could retain the pieces on it. The search got back with another potentially harmful response, and suggested to use ‘non-toxic’ glue for help and maintain the integrity of the pizza.

Another search asking for advice on the ability to train for ‘8-days in a week’ a also resulted in a strange response, as the AI non-chalantly assured the searcher, of being able to train for 8 days in a 7-day week.

Another harmful advice involved, the AI search asking the user to eat at least one small rock a day. The thread apart from giving blatantly abstruse responses also gave gist of AI hallucinations, wherein it shows results of events that did not come to pass.

The user, who made the thread, gave a caveat and said, that some of these results could be m.pulated, but in many cases he could replicate the searches himself, and found the same result.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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