As you know that UPSC exam is conducted every year and only a few kids are able to clear this exam. You must know that there are 3 phases in this exam. In the first stage you have to clear the prelims. In the second you have to clear the mains exam and finally there is an interview which is considered for a long time and it becomes very difficult for people to crack it and that’s why many people get stuck in the interview only.

The reason for this is that during the interview, the students are not able to answer the questions well, due to which they hide in the interview and are not able to clear the UPSC exam. Therefore, through this article, we are going to tell you what types of questions are asked during the interview. In this article, we will tell you different types of general knowledge questions which are of UPSC level and interview questions. It is very important for
Q1: When is National Integration Day celebrated?
Ans: 13 May
Q2: Which is the country which has 2 presidents?
Ans: San Marino
Q3: On which day the World Press Freedom Day is observed?
Answer: 3 May
Q4: Which is the thing that dies after drinking water? Ans: Thirst
Q5: Which city is called the Harbor of Diamond? Ans: Kolkata
Q6: Which place in India is called the abode of God?
Ans: Prayag
Q7: Which city is called Queen of Deccan?
Answer: Pune
Q8: To whom was the Buddhist historian Taranatha related?
Ans: Tibet
Q9: What is the full form of HP?
Ans: Hewlett Packard
Q10: Which newspaper was published by Annie Besant?
Ans: New India

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