Why ivory is expensive: Elephant tusks are sold for high prices. That’s why wild elephants are hunted on a large scale. As a result, the number of elephants is declining rapidly. Many people do not know why elephant tusks are sold more expensive than gold. Many articles are made from ivory, so it is in great demand in the market.

ivory jewelry

Ornaments are made from ivory. This includes necklaces, bangles. Wearing ivory ornaments on the body is considered a status symbol. These ornaments are sold for lakhs of rupees.

went down in history

There is also mention of ornaments made of ivory in history. In ancient times, royalty used to wear ivory ornaments. It was a part of the culture of the time.

religious reason

Ivory is also in high demand for religious reasons and superstitions. People keep idols of elephants in the house. However, elephant idols are kept to bring prosperity, good health and wisdom.


Apart from this, many carvings are made from ivory. It makes chess sets, pianos etc. Ivory is also seen as a healing ingredient for traditional medicine.

elephant poaching

Elephant hunting is illegal. Elephant poachers are dealt with under the Wildlife Protection Act. But elephants are often hunted for their tusks.

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