Fruit Raita: Fruit Raita is such a dish, which most people eat with great pleasure. There are some people who must eat fruit raita once a day. Without this, they find their food incomplete. If you are also among these people, then this news is especially for you. Fruit Raita is made with all the ingredients which are healthy. But still Phal Raita is not healthy as per Ayurvedic rules. Instead, it builds up large amounts of toxins in the stomach, impairs digestion, and can lead to metabolic problems if consumed over a long period of time. Why is it like this? find out for yourself…

Why is fruit raita unhealthy?

According to Ayurveda, curd is very good for health and one can keep oneself healthy by eating its fruit. But both curd and fruit have opposite properties. That is, the nature and time of digestion of these two do not match with each other.
Even though curd looks light, it is very heavy to digest. This is the reason why one often feels sleepy after eating curd. Curd takes a long time to digest. Whereas fruits are rich in fiber and get digested very quickly as compared to curd. The matter does not end here, rather health problems start from here.
Due to the opposite properties of these food items i.e. curd and fruits, digestive problems start, toxins get accumulated in large quantities. If it is consumed for a long time, there is a risk of chronic metabolic disease.

What things should not be eaten with curd?


Not only fruits, there are many other things in which people eat curd, whereas according to Ayurveda it should not be done at all.

Curd should not be eaten with non-vegetarian food.
Curd should not be eaten even with food.
Do not eat curd with salt.
If you want to eat raita, make raita not with curd but with lassi.
Curry should also always be made with lassi, curry made with curd is not good for the stomach.


What is the right way to eat curd?

Always eat curd alone. It is consumed with sweet. For example, sugar or sugar candy.
You can consume it by making curd lassi.
If you do not like to eat plain curd, then eat it in snack time and add cumin powder, black pepper powder, fennel etc. to it.

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