New Delhi- The story between SDM Jyoti Maurya and husband Alok Maurya in Uttar Pradesh is getting worse and now it has reached the court. Meanwhile, Jyoti’s husband made another allegation that Dubey, District Commandant in the Home Guard, is having an affair with her. On the other hand, in this story husband, wife and she means’s wife has separated herself.

Let us tell you that the story between SDM Jyoti Maurya and her husband Alok Maurya has become a topic of discussion everywhere from social media to court. Jyoti’s husband has made another allegation that his wife is having an affair with Home Guard and District Commandant Dubey. Not only this, she wants to get murdered along with

On Alok’s complaint, DG Home Guard BK Maurya ordered an inquiry against The responsibility of the investigation has been given to Home Guard DIG Santosh Singh. Under this, the DIG had given notice to Jyoti and called her to record her statement, to which Jyoti has given a written reply. Where else? That or his personal matter. For this she is fighting in the court. His case is pending in the court. He will present his side in the court itself, in this way he has refused to give a statement in the investigation started by the Home Guard Department.

On the other hand, husband wife and she in this story i.e. Dubey’s wife has separated herself, the partner has refused to give any statement. He clearly said that this is his family matter. With which she herself will solve. In fact, on Alok’s complaint, Prayagraj’s DIG Home Guard Santosh Singh had given notice to Alok’s wife Jyoti Maurya as well as Dubey’s wife and called them to answer. Dubey’s wife refused to give any answer on this, she clearly said that it is a family matter. And she will handle it herself.

According to media reports, SDM Jyoti Maurya accepted that Alok helped her in studies, although she also said that it does not mean that he will torture what is going on in social media. It has nothing to do with it. No matter how bad the relationship gets, it can be sorted out. But Alok publicly broke the relationship of 12 years.

On the other hand, SDM has also registered a case against Alok and his family members at Dhumanganj police station in Prayagraj. The statements of Jyoti and her side have also been recorded and Jyoti has been asked to provide more accomp.ment.
Jyoti has said on her complaint. That husband Alok and in-laws are torturing and demanding fortune from them. In-laws also harass. Pron of his WhatsApp was also made and obscene videos were also made from mobile. Blackmail about this.

On the other hand, a wedding card of the dispute between Alok and Jyoti has gone viral or Jyoti has shown the card in front of the media. That Alok has written District Panchayat Officer under his name. Regarding this, Jyoti said that she had married Alok by pretending to be an officer. But the truth was something else. Regarding this wedding card, Alok said that the card has been printed to trap him. Jyoti was not even a teacher when the marriage took place. Was just studying. The card is completely false, the wife does not have any facts.

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