Almost everyone is troubled by the problem of chapped lips in winter. This time again party invitations are coming one after the other. And party means attractive look with stylish clothes. Everyone pays special attention to makeup while going to winter parties. Follow these methods to make lips beautiful in winter season

First of all scrub the lips well. Follow home tips for lip scrubbing. This will remove the frozen dead skin on the lips. Follow these special tips. With this, the problem of chapped lips will also go away easily.

Apply moisturizer after scrubbing the lips. There are many companies of lip balm in the market. Apply any one of these. Applying moisturizer after scrubbing the lips will eliminate the problem of chapped lips. Follow these special tips.

Wait for some time after applying lip balm. Now gently wipe the lips with tissue paper. Now apply concealer on the lips. Apply concealer on the top and bottom of the lips. Wait till it dries. When it dries, apply foundation. Apply it with a sponge. Then it will blend easily. Follow these special tips.

When the foundation is well set, use a lip liner. Line the lips with lip liner. now apply lipstick , Thicken thin lips with lip liner. Or thin thick lips. If there is any defect in the shape of the lips, then cover it with the help of lip liner. Now apply lipstick.

Choose lipstick keeping in mind the occasion you are attending. You can choose dark lipstick for parties. Wait for the lipstick to dry. After this, apply lip gloss on the lips. Must apply lip gloss in winter.

in winter the lips Follow these special tips to decorate. This time before starting lip makeup, apply moisturizer on your lips. Also use cream based lipstick. This will make the lips look attractive. Never rush again. It can spoil the makeup. in special tips Adopt Follow this method to decorate the lips in the winter season, it will make the lips look attractive.

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