New Delhi: to scientistsIn the body of this last whale, 9.5 kg of ambergris was found, which is called floating gold. Las Palmas University In 2010 Antonio Fernández Rodríguez, head of the Institute for .mal Health and Food Safety, was determined to find out the cause of the whale’s sudden death. According to this, during the investigation of its dead body, a valuable treasure of $ 250,000 was found.

The price of 9.5 kg amber grease i.e. vomit found from the stomach of sperm whale has been estimated at Rs 3 crore in the international market. According to experts from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the vomit, known as amber grease, reportedly weighed about 10 kilograms and caused intestinal ulcers, which led to the whale’s death. The dead sperm whale was said to be 33 feet long and 2 feet wide.

‘What I took was a gold float weighing about 9.5 kg with a diameter of about 50-60 cm. The waves were washing the whales away. When I reached the beach everyone was watching. But they didn’t know what I had in my hand was ambergris,’ Rodríguez said.

What is floating gold?


Sperm whale’s vomit is worth billions of rupees in the international market. There is a cost. This amber grease is in great demand in the cosmetic and perfume industries. So far scientists have not been able to find out how this amber grease is produced inside the sperm whale’s body. But it is believed that amber grease is formed when an aquatic .mal such as a whale’s beak is eaten.

According to reports, ambergris sperm whale A desirable substance produced in the digestive tract of. This usually occurs in only 1 in 100 whales. It is often called ‘floating gold’ or ‘treasure of the sea’. It is illegal to kill whales as they are an endangered species.

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