An incident of shooting of several people has come to light at the Bronx subway station in New York, America. According to the information given by CT Police, six people have been injured due to bullet injuries. One person has also died. 5 others were seriously injured. According to the information received, there is no information about how many people have been shot and no information has been revealed about any victim. It is also not known whether the police have arrested the accused or not.

There was also an incident of firing in a train in 2022

According to statistics, crime on New York’s subway system is not uncommon. Even on a normal day, about 38 lakh people travel by metro. There were 570 reports of bullying and assault in 2023. In 2022, a man injured 10 people with a handgun on a train passing through Brooklyn. This was the first mass shooting in Metro Siltam since 1984.

Demand for security at metro station after firing

A few weeks later in May 2022, a man shot and killed 48-year-old D.el Enriquez on a Q train. The police considered it an unprovoked attack. In the year 2020, during the Corona epidemic, an incident of crime took place in the metro. The situation has become normal in 2021. Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat and former city police captain, has called for more police officers at Metro stations to protect passengers.


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