It is said that love never dies. If we love someone with all our heart, then that love stays with us till the last breath. Sometimes those whom we love more than life, they get separated from us. Most of the lovers separate because the family does not agree. Now one such video is going viral on Twitter and the lovers who were separated 35 years ago have reunited. This video is currently making a splash on social media.

In most cases the parents are left as the villains among the lovers. Parents stop us from marrying whomever we like. In such a situation, you marry a boy or girl whom your family has seen without any rituals. But there are few people who are left alone till the end in the memory of their loved ones because their family members do not agree.

One such video is now going viral on Twitter, where old lovers are reunited after exactly 35 years. Everyone is curious about what kind of conversation the old lovers will have when they get together. Just like this, let’s see what this couple talked about.

First of all, both shared memories of their school days and laughed a lot. After this, she is happy to hear that the person seen in the video is a successful businessman and has started a business under the name of a woman.

When a person was asked about my marriage, I said that I am still not married. He says he is living in your memory. The woman will be happy to hear this. And she sheds tears. Nevertheless, when the man asks her about marriage, she says that she is still in his memory without marriage. The man is overjoyed to hear this and both shed tears of joy.


After this the person asks her if she will also marry me. And she happily agrees to this. this is true love. Love doesn’t care about looks or youth. What matters here is pure love.

Being poor, the girl’s father separated them 35 years ago and did not allow them to get married. But for 35 years both of them live with the same love.

It is not yet clear whether this viral video is the original video or a recreated video. It’s really great to spend 35 years in someone’s memory, isn’t it?

Rahul Dev

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